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Friday, February 3, 2012

And yet another setback.....Geesh!

Well, it's been a really long day, and I'm glad it's nearly over. The morning began quite well, with the Home Health Nurse coming and showing us how to do the pic IV on Bethany. It was definitely interesting, however, it was not that difficult. Bethany took to it like bees to honey, so I merely watched and nodded--knowing that she will be doing the majority of the work.

When the nurse finally left, after two hours, I raced to work for a very productive afternoon. And then....I raced home. Jonathan called on my way home, for ride home from track, and it all clicked. When I got home, Bethany had been sleeping all day. Thank God. I was exhausted, as I hadn't gotten to bed till after 3:00 am, and then I awoke every hour to check on Bethany. Nonetheless, she was awake, looking as gaunt as ever, and in pain from her pic line. I was really hoping that would magically disappear while I was at work.

We talked about possible scenarios--returning to the hospital, having it removed and being placed on either a regular IV or oral antibiotics; returning to the hospital, and just seeing what happens on a Friday afternoon; waiting it out and calling the doctor on call tomorrow; waiting it out and falling asleep. Hmmmm. Given both of our mental states, the last option seemed the best for the moment.

I had taken some food out of the freezer to cook dinner (after listening to ideas) and was ready to begin dinner, when Bethany said that not only was she hungry, but that the Greenlease Family had dropped off dinner for our family. OMG!!!!!! So VERY happy and grateful. Like I said, we were EXHAUSTED and hungry. A deadly combination.

I immediately put their delicious chicken pot pie in the oven, poured milk and readied everything. Praise God, Bethany ate an entire bowl. Jonathan, Joy and I did, too, but that's irrelevant because we will eat virtually anything and everything and have ever present appetites--unlike Miss Bethany. Bethany has lost at least 25-20 pounds and is looking very gaunt today, however, I suspect that will change tomorrow, having eaten a meal tonight. I can't even begin to say, 'thank you,' enough to our Main Street Family and Friends.

(This is what boredom looks like in the Grayczyk household).

After eating, Joy and I began to watch a movie and chillax when Bethany requested Joy color with her in her room. So, I did what I do best, fell asleep on the couch for a few hours. Ah....just Koda, Domino and moi. When I awoke, Bethany was just taking some medications and asked that I awaken her in 4 hours. No problem. Joy was doing homework; Jonathan was going to bed, and I was wide awake (well, sort of), so I got on Pinterest (my latest addiction). No harm done.

Bethany did say, however, that her chest was really, really hurting again. Hmmm. Given her extremely high level of pain tolerance, this is more than just a little disconcerting. I suspect what we were planning on doing tomorrow may have to wait again.....taking Koda to Maumee Bay to swim, housecleaning, grocery shopping, sleeping in (my favorite), taking the downstairs Christmas tree down, putting the remainder decor up in the attic, etc., so that we may take a trip to St. Vincents.

Please pray for Bethany's spirits, especially if we need to return to St. Vincents; we will do her IV around noon, and then take it from there. If al goes well, we will stay home and take it day by day; if not, we will return.

Please pray that her pic line starts behaving and becomes pin free. That she is able to resume some normalcy to her life; that she is not depressed, and that the changes in her life do not have long term consequences.

On a positive note, my mother is feeling much better. Although she will be spending the weekend in Beaumont Hospital, hopefully, after some testing on Monday, she will be discharged to return home. If all goes well, I would like to go visit her on Sunday after church. Praying Bethany will be able to go to church on Sunday, too. We really miss corporate worship, praise, friends and family.

Blessings, peace and joy, Shari, Joy, Bethany, Jonathan (Koda, Domino, Picasso, Mr. Incredible, and Carl)

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