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Saturday, December 31, 2011

And life goes on...

Good morning. Bethany had a decent night, but an extremely painful morning. She was able to sleep on and off all night, but the pain really set in this morning. What part of ICU don't people get? It seems like EVERYONE in this place likes to speak really loudly--no such thing as whispering. OK--Dr. Healy and his entire staff whisper--probably because they know what spinal headaches and pains are all about. Anyway, enough ranting.

Again, percocet and morphine can only do so much; pills have almost always had minimal effect on Bethany, and I think that why the morphine shot works best. Unfortunately, they are by request only, and only 4 hours. Because she may fall in and out of sleep, it is had to gauge just when she should have them until it's too late. The morning doctor said that Bethany's dosage may be increased because the current dosage didn't seem to be working. So....they gave her a shot around 6:30 am, and that seemed to help. The shot, however, was only for the increased amount of 2mg, and not the original 10mg. We didn't know that, and wondered why she was in so much pain.

Anyway, shift changes bring new nurses and new rules and regulations and new explanations of everything. Thus, Bethany had to wait four hours until she was able to receive her 10mg dose. Nonetheless, she received it and is resting now. She is still restless, but in much less pain.

Bethany has yet to eat virtually anything, so all of the pills and meds are irritating her stomach. She is hungry but can't keep anything down. I have been feeding her ice chips and a few bites of a pancake, but that's about it.

Yesterday morning, Dr. Healy had her drain moved to bed level, so that it would be resting on top of her bed, thus causing the drain to drain more slowly and minimizing her headaches and hip pain. Well, that didn't work. It is still on her bed, but instead of draining 550ml (already a lot in a 24 hour period), she drained 650ml. Geesh! Still can't figure that one out. The Doctor said that she is fine and is on schedule for this type of surgery.

Bethany's hips, head, upper back (shoulders/neck), lower back, and legs all hurt--in that order, and they seem to always be hurting. It's just a matter of the medication making them hurt less. She has been such a trouper, so polite to everyone--even when they are talking very loudly, or very late with medications, or stabbing her three times to insert yet another IV. Again, she's a trouper and a true joy to be around. I'm so glad that I have been able to spend this time with her.

Prayer concerns: Freedom from pain everywhere within her body; that the doctors will give her medication that works well; that she is able/wanting to eat and that she keeps things down without nausea; that she continues to heal on pace; that she has total and complete healing of her spine and related issues, and that she has the peace and comfort of Our Lord.

Thank you very much for your prayers of love and encouragement and hope.

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