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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out with 2011 and In with 2012

Good morning,
Yesterday was extremely rough for Bethany. She moaned from pain virtually all day. She had a good hour or so around noon, but it was virtually downhill after that. I couldn't figure out just why she was in so much pain, especially considering the Doctor had upped her medication dosage.

We had 4 nurses throughout the day--definitely 3 too many. In the evening, when Bethany still hadn't been relieved of pain, and the staff didn't seem to enjoy me questioning it, I realized that instead of increasing her morphine dosage from 10mg to 12mg (for an increase of 2mg), they decreased it 8 mg (down from 10mg to 2mg. When I tried to explain to the nurse that it should have been increased and NOT decreased, she wouldn't hear any of it. I asked her to please read Bethany's chart, as I knew the morning nurse had written it in before she left. Well, with her distinct disapproval, she did and realized the error. She was then extremely apologetic. Sigh.

Then...a few hours later, the same thing happened; the nurse came in with only 2mg. Geesh! What's up with that? Thank God our evening nurse is really, really nice and thoughtful.

The doctor's resident just left; while he was here, I mentioned the mix-up, and the nurse tried to gloss it over. I was very clear and asked him to please mark the chart for 12mg, not just an increase of 2mg. He said he would.

Unfortunately, Bethany has been virtually unable to eat. Because of that, her stomach is in constant pain. Every time she attempts to eat, she gets sick. She has been laying flat since Tuesday, and that is taking its toll on her hips and back. That, along with her constant headaches and stomach pain, is making for some real misery.

Bethany's output of spinal fluid was again increased to 660ml this morning. It should be decreasing and not increasing. The resident said that we shouldn't worry about it. The plan is to get her to eat something today, thus alleviating some of her pain, and then clamp her drain tomorrow, and see how she does. Bethany is acutely aware that her classes at UT begin in a week, and I know she is worried that she won't be home in time.

Please continue to pray:
•that she has relief from her constant pain;
•that she has an appetite and is able to eat something without making her sick;
•that she is comforted and is able to sleep soundly;
•that she heals entirely and is able to resume classes on January 9.

Thank you so very much and May God bless you this New Year.

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