"Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We're Moving on Up......

Well,Bethany had a very good day yesterday and a good evening, too. She had her drain removed and.......there hasn't been any sign of leaking in about 24 hours. Woo-Hoo! Given her history, that's NOTHING short of a miracle. She was able to sit up (after a few hours) for a few minutes and then lay back down. She also got up to use the restroom twice and was pretty animated. She definitely is worn out easily and has constant and persistent headaches. As of last night, she no longer takes morphine, rather it is just percocet. This is odd, in and of itself, as pills have yet to do much for her. They are, however, OK at this time.

After visitors left last night, Bethany was really tired and wanted to sleep. She was having a difficult time. Around 11:15pm, a nurse came in and said that we would be moving to the main floor and out of ICU, uh......now. What? 11:15pm at night? It may as well have been 3:00 am, because we were both exhausted. Nonetheless, we were and are extremely happy, and feel extremely blessed, that she is well enough to be moved. Thus, the piling on of accumulated stuff and huffing it down the hallways to our new room. The moving of her bed caused her to have a bad headache, thus, she immediately wanted to sleep. Who wouldn't at that hour, anyway?

It took me a while to get settled in the new room, moving the chairs around, finding the things that I tossed about in a hurried effort to leave the ICU. Once, I was settled, we slept. I asked the nurse to please wake Bethany to take her meds so that she doesn't wake up in a lot of pain, and she did.

Bethany slept while her Neurosurgeon, Dr. Healy, assessed her early this morning. Her wound is still dry (Praise God!), and he said that as soon as she was up and walking, eating and functioning, it's 'so long.' Yeah! Believe it or not, we were slightly concerned that the hospital may boot her out today, but they didn't. Bethany would like to have at least one more day here recuperating. Hallelujah!
Who would have ever thought that we would be wondering if they will discharge her before we are ready? Ha. God really does have a sense of humor.

The Physical Therapist came this morning, and Bethany passed everything with flying colors. Then breakfast came. Together, those two things totally wiped her out, and she is peacefully resting now. Whew!

I can't even begin to tell you how much we have both appreciated your prayers to Jesus. We know that it is because of them that she is doing so well and that she will, most likely, be heading home tomorrow. She begins school on Monday, January 9, so it will be nice for her to have a few days at home before classes actually start. She is planning on living at home for a couple of weeks, and then moving into her dorm in Crossings. She has actually mentioned numerous times that she is considering taking the next semester off, but I don't really think that is 'on the table' any longer. We will just have to wait and see how she feels.

Well, I better be signing off. I think I am going to nap, too. Long days and nights around here. Looking forward to the normalcy of home and hearth.

God Bless You, Shari and Bethany


  1. Dearest Shari, Please know that I have been keeping up with Bethany's progress and as I read I pray! What a journey of healing, praise, exhaustion and victory you have been on. I will continue my prayers as we wait on the Lord for complete healing and guidance for Bethany's future. I couldn't help but think of you all as Beth and the gang return to Jamaica this week. What a glorious time we had. Maybe God will allow us to serve together again in the future. May HE grant you a blessed New Year.
    Joyfully DeAnn

  2. DeAnn, Thanks so much. Bethany and I had wanted to return to Jamaica, but we find ourselves doing other things. Jonathan, however, will be returning with the team, and he is SO very excited. My thoughts and prayers will be with everyone this week and beyond. I so miss the people of Jamaica and the team.

    God has been extremely good to each one of us, and with Bethany's miraculous recovery, even more so. Thanks so much, again, DeAnn. Much Love, Shari