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Saturday, January 14, 2012

She's resting semi-comfortably...

This is a picture of Bethany in the hospital, at 7 years, when she had her first spinal cord surgery. Well, it's 1pm, and Bethany is resting somewhat comfortably. She had a rough day and evening yesterday, but 'joy comes in the morning.'

If you've been reading this blog, you already know that Bethany was intubated last night. She is currently in ICU, on a ventilator, at St. Vincent's Mercy Medical Center. Bethany has been put into a dream-like state, where as she is substantially sedated, however, she can hear us, is fully aware, and can feel pain. Ah...therein the problem lies. She can feel pain. When I ask her if she is in pain, she nods. Her eyes are closed, although she did attempt to open them earlier today, and her breathing has slowed down.

The medical staff has decided against paralytics, rather than are going to keep her this way, at least through tomorrow--possibly through Monday. It is just heartbreaking to watch her, so I don't. I have spent a lot of time in the hallway because I can't bear to witness her in pain while she is unable to ask for assistance and she is gagging on the vent tubing.

The doctors and nurses have been extremely kind, compassionate and thorough. They know her medical condition, almost better than we do, and we trust their knowledge. If we didn't, we wouldn't have brought her to St. Vs. Bethany's heart rate has slowed down substantially since last night. It had been in the 160's, however, it is current just below 100. Apparently, her base line heart rate is around 100, which s really high. I am claiming this song for Bethany. We all know that she will rise again, but this time, it will be pain free.

Because Bethany has lived her life in so much pain for the past few years, she has grown an extreme intolerance to pain medications. They are administering extremely high doses of dilatin, fentinol, flexeril and adavan, and they finally seem to be working. Later today, the nurse and I will attempt to give Bethany a bath, change her sheets, and make her more comfortable.

Joy will picking up Jonathan from Detroit Metro Airport this evening, thus welcoming him home from his missions trip in Jamaica. We are all very excited to see him. I have asked Joy and Rob not to mention much of Bethany's condition to him, as I would like to talk to him first. We are looking forward to viewing the pictures he took. But then again, he is a boy, and you know how teenage boys are about taking pictures. Let's just hope and pray he took some so that Bethany and I will be able to relive our past experiences in Jamaica.

The plan is to keep Bethany has comfortable as possible for the entire weekend, if not longer. We have clamped her drain, so as to limit the amount of CSF leakage. They don't want her to leak more than 100 ml per 8 hours, and to date, it has been 5x that. We are hoping that this may help her pain, too.

Again, thank you, everyone, very much for all of your prayers to our Heavenly Father. God only knows where she would be right now if everyone weren't beseeching God on her behalf, and claiming her from the enemy who has NO power over her.

Blessings and peace and joy,
Love, Shari and Bethany Rose

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