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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stranger things have happened....

It's been 8 days since Bethany's surgery, and the Lord has tremendously blessed her with greater health. We are so very grateful for everyone's prayers and for the staff at St. Vincent's and our Surgeon, Dr. Michael Healy. Unfortunately, Bethany has taken a slight turn for the worse, and will not be going home today. It's not the end of the world, just a detour. Anything beats the three and a half months she spent the last time in ICU. It's all a matter of perspective, and in the entire scheme of things, 9 days isn't anything compared to over 100 days.

Bethany had an excellent day yesterday, and she actually walked around a bit with her boyfriend, Nate. They went to the gift shop and around the floor. Her incision did not leak at all. It hasn't since the day Dr. Healy implanted the drain. Woo Hoo! Bethany had some visitors in the afternoon--mostly family--and by the time everyone left, she was exhausted. They left around 8pm and she slept solidly until about midnight. Then.....she was in pain.

She was able to get up and use the restroom, however, standing gives her a tremendous headache. The pain medication gives her blurry vision, as well. When she stood, her entire back on down through her legs, went very tingly and weak. The upper part of her incision felt compressed and as though it were compressing her entire back and back side. Hmmmm. To top it off, Bethany has an extreme toothache. I have been in contact with her dentist who is willing to see her anytime; unfortunately, she's still in the hospital. We will be stopping by the dentist's office on the way home from the hospital-whenever that is. Our dentist, Dr. Jardin, said that he would even come in the office after hours or on the weekend for Bethany. Ah...Bethany is definitely loved.

This morning, Dr. Healy's Resident, Holly, removed all 20 of Bethany's staples from her incision, and she hasn't leaked at all. She then said that Bethany is allowed to go home today, but it's probably not the best idea--given her pain level. She said that Bethany needs to lay low for a few weeks. When I mentioned that she begins her Bio-Engineering class load of 20 hours next Monday, she gasped. Subsequently, Bethany has withdrawn from her 3 hour chemistry lab--she knows she won't be able to stand that long--even on a good day. The doctor said for her to 'play it by ear,' and to just take it easy. He is writing her a script to take to the DMV to attain a temporary Medical Handicap parking pass. Thank God! As most know, parking on campus is at a premium, and as a freshman, Bethany gets last dibs. She already has an extremely difficult time walking from class to class and carrying her books, let alone now that she is recovering from surgery. Nonetheless, we'll get her the pass as soon as we are discharged.

Bethany has needed her pain medication before it's been due today, and she is sleeping rather soundly at the moment. I have ordered lunch for her, but I doubt she is going to eat much. Yesterday, she ate some, but today, she hasn't eaten much at all. She ordered a bagel, but never touched it. The nurse convinced her to drink some coffee, saying that the caffeine may help her headache. And it did... I've ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, relish plate, steamed rice and gravy, milk and a cookie. We'll see what she eats.

I will keep everyone posted as the day and evening progress. For the moment, I am enjoying the down time, with Bethany sleeping.

Be blessed and thank you, Love, Shari and Bethany

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