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Sunday, January 15, 2012

This about says it all....

Last night was a seemingly good night for Bethany. Although thoroughly sedated, she seemed to have slept the majority of the evening. She has a new (former Marine) nurse, and to be quite honest, I do NOT like his demeanor, bedside manner or attitude at all. So very glad this shift is over. I have quietly requested that he NOT be Bethany's nurse again.

On a good note, the doctor arrived early this morning, and noted that Bethany's heart rate and respiratory numbers appear to be better than they have been since she arrived. Her heart rate was 89 (at the time); this leads us to believe that she is resting comfortably and that she is experiencing less and less pain. He also said that instead of giving her 2 mg Dilatin and Fentinol every 2 and 3 hours, he was going to put her on a PCA of 1 mg Dilatin every hour. This will allow her to receive a more steady stream of medication throughout the day. This is really good news because then we don't have to rely on a nurse to give her the medication. It will be through an IV drip.

In the hour since he left the room this morning, Bethany's numbers have risen. I know she is still in pain, because I talk quietly to her, she cries. It's difficult for her to even move her fingers or toes because she is so sedated, but it's even worse when she is in pain. It breaks my heart to know that she is unable to express and that we have a seemingly heartless nurse. I can't wait for the new nurse to come in. I really am praying that they put her PCA in asap, before her pain level gets so high that it becomes unmanageable. I can tell that her pain level is rising as I am typing, and I think MY blood pressure is rising.

The doctor also said that they will begin feeding Bethany through a feeding tube through her nose, instead of relying on the pic IV line. I guess that's good news. I really don't know, other than it will probably nourish her more. :\

Yesterday was another extremely rough day. Praise God, for my sister, Bonnie, who has stayed all week with me. She is preparing to leave for the airport to return home and she will be sorely missed. We are not telling Bethany that her aunt is leaving, as it will totally distress her. Fortunately, my sister, Debbie, will be coming from Walled Lake, Michigan, to spend the day with us. Yaay!

It was great seeing Joy yesterday, as she was able to spend quite a bit of time in the hospital room. OK. I slept most of the time, but it was nice to see her nonetheless. Joy went to the airport last night, with her boyfriend,Rob, and picked up Jonathan who was returning from his missions trip to Jamaica. I couldn't wait to see him, so they stopped by the hospital rather late. Again, that got on the nurse's nerves. They stayed all of 4 minutes and whispered the entire time. I am looking forward to hearing about his trip today and seeing some of photographs that he took.

I just noticed that Bethany's numbers are stabilizing. That's better news. Well, thanks again for each and every prayer that you have and are lifting up on Bethany's behalf. They are greatly appreciated and coveted.

Prayer needs:
•Immediate and consistent pain relief
•That the PCA really manages her pain well
•Bethany is totally, supernaturally healed
•Bethany stays sedated so that her body is given more time to rest
•That Bethany is not sad or afraid

My major two concerns is for her fear, pain and sadness. Whenever I whisper to her, she tries to cry, and it is so very sad. I can tell that she is afraid, and I am having a difficult time dealing with that.

Love and peace, Shari and Bethany

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