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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And so another day is ending and another night is beginning...

What a difference a day can make. Thank God! Although Bethany was in a lot of pain during the evening, it was able to be managed with an hourly dosage of morphine. Again, thank God for nurse, who was not only sweet, but whispered, took great care in not turning on unnecessary lights, and who was so willing to administer the pain medication without Bethany having to officially request any.

It was another very early morning, as Dr. McMaster, Dr. Healy's resident, arrived at 4:30am for a quick assessment. He said that everything seemed to be on schedule, and that Bethany should definitely start feeling the positive effects of all of the antibiotics being pumped into her body. She also began receiving 24/7 nutrition supplements, as she has been unable to eat, and has drank less than 1 ltr in 2 days.

Dr. Healy arrived around 6:30am with similar comments. He said the two drains were working perfectly, re-explained yesterday's surgical procedure. He seemed very optimistic and said that the meningitis is what is causing her so much pain and discomfort.

When Bethany awoke, she was in good spirits; she was, and is, still in a lot of pain, finding it difficult (at best) to move or shift positions and just generally painful to lay in bed flat. Her hips have been giving her excessive pain, as has her head, and back. I just spoke to my brother, Don, and his wife, Denise, who mentioned that hospitals have special air mattresses that you may request for such body pains. Done. I immediately requested one for Bethany, and we are merely waiting for it arrive.

Bethany has felt 1000% better today; she has been talking, texting, texting, and texting. After about 30 minutes of that, she collapses into a sound sleep. And then repeat.

When the Infectious Disease doctor arrived late morning, he said that Bethany would continue to be on antibiotics, through the pic line, for up to 6 months. He said that she looked good and that the plan was to continue pumping antibiotics into her, along with the nutrition and pain medicine, for about 3 days and then see her status. They are testing her blood sugar every 6 hours, with a finger prick, and endlessly monitoring her vitals. This is all very good.

Bethany's Aunt Bonnie, arrived from Texas last night (per Bethany's request), and has been a pleasant distraction and help. When Joe arrived to relieve me, Bon and I went home, refreshed, picked up some food and returned. Upon our return, we were met with some rather distressing news. Bethany's boyfriend, Nate, was just admitted into St. Vincent's Hospital, with meningitis. What? We were told that Bethany's bacterial meningitis was NOT contagious. Who knew?

I immediately went to his room, donned the mandatory (albeit fashionable) face mask, and began asking questions. By happenstance, I ran into her Neuro resident, Dr. McMaster, who just happened to be sitting at the desk outside of Nate's room. I mentioned that Nate's was Bethany's boyfriend, and he said that that concerned him. The infectious disease doctor said that Nate was contagious and blah, blah, blah.

Anyway,I just returned from Nate's room, two hours after my initial visit, and was informed that not only is Nate not contagious, but his meningitis is purely coincidental; it was possibly contracted when he was sick last week. The doctors are still doing cultures to determine the exact strain of meningitis, but they have totally ruled out bacterial. Thank God. Joy had decided not to come visit Bethany today just in case she had incorrectly been deemed non-contagious. I guess she could have come after all. We've basically had a lock down on visitation, with only immediate family (and boyfriends and Aunt Bonnie) allowed.

Bethany is quietly resting again; notice I didn't say, 'comfortably resting.' That is because she is having a difficult time getting comfortable due to the IV cords, the PIC cords, the heart monitor cords, blood pressure cuff, foley catheter and the pulse ox on her toe. However, 4 mg of morphine, about 30 minutes ago, really did the trick. I would love to have something to help me sleep throughout the entire evening, as I am really tired. I have caught a minor cold, but it's definitely taking its course on my body (mainly on my nose--achoo!)

Now that Bethany is seemingly through the worst of it all, I will explain a little more about yesterday, as Bonnie and I just revealed to Bethany.

•••There was a sudden rush yesterday to get Bethany into surgery. What was supposed to be a 20 minute surgery, lasted much, much longer. After an hour in recovery, they moved her to a room, just to have her still under the anesthetic for another three or more hours. I noticed a flurry of doctors and nurses streaming through her room throughout the early afternoon, a lot of medical whispering and just a general, over all, depressing attitude.

As I am not one to panic amount anything, least of all medical issues, I kept my mental commenting to myself. Today, after Bonnie and I had prayed together, we were discussing yesterday and she mentioned that yesterday she had felt, in her Spirit, that Bethany was at death's door. I said that I definitely felt like the angel of death had been very near, and she confirmed that our sister, Debbie, had felt the same way--along with a few of my nieces. We talked about how many hundreds, if not thousands, of people have been praying for Bethany, and we wondered just what may have happened had they not been lifting Bethany up to her Heavenly Father, casting out the enemy of her behalf and praying and fasting. I know that the enemy has no place in Bethany's life and I will not allow him to even take up a miniscule amount of space in her heart or life. Having said that.....Amen!

Thank you, again, for lifting her up and continuing to pray. She is, obviously, going to have a long road ahead of her, but she will not only make it, she will thrive. With her determination, dedication and courage, she will continue to surprise everyone.

Please continue to pray for Bethany's mental and physical health, my mom's health, Jonathan's safety this week while he is in Jamaica, and Nate's health. God is definitely bigger than any of these things.

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