"Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's almost the weekend!!!

Thursday. Check. Friday. Soon-to-be check. Thank God. Definitely cannot take another week like this one. YES, one could argue that this has been one of the best weeks of our lives. I mean, Bethany is doing fabulously. She came home from the hospital. Life is getting back to normal. Life goes on. Yes. Yes. Yes. Having acknowledged that, I still cannot take another week like this week, and I am beyond thrilled that it is almost over.

Just when you think life is finished throwing you curveballs, Wham! Another comes flying at you in the face. Hopefully, we'll be able to relax this weekend. The house will be exceptionally quiet. Time to put on some music and catch up on laundry, cleaning and un-decorating.

Much to my dismay, Bethany was home alone today. Joy had school and work; Jonathan had school, and I had work. As I have recently learned, I can NOT take any additional days off (regardless of the number of days in my sick day bank). This entire topic has become a major thorn in my side. I mean, come on. Seriously? Just because Bethany is 18 1/2 years old, HR has to make life more difficult. I am really getting sick and tired of everyone penalizing the honest people just because others are so dishonest. Enough already.

Anyway, a friend texted me that Bethany had a really bad headache. Apparently, they were on FB. Ha. I was already feeling bad that she didn't have anyone at home to fetch meds or cook food, etc, but so be it. Once a mom, always a mom. I had really hoped that she could have a girl come over, but alas, they are all in college. And...that's always a good thing.

After work, I picked up her girlfriend, Sam, from University Hills Apartments and drove her to my home. Bethany looked rough, and had a fierce headache. Thank God, aa friend from church dropped off some lasagna for dinner. I then stopped and saw Joy at work and mentioned Bethany's condition. She had mentioned she may take Bethany and Samantha to the mall, but I suggested otherwise. Bethany is still in too much pain. Then, I proceeded to Ventura's for some girl time with some work friends. I didn't stay too long, nor did I order absolutely anything, beause not only was I totally exhausted, but I just wasn't in the mood for having fun. Still feeling the effects of the week. **sniffle**

Anyway, thanks for praying about Joy and my meeting with financial aid yesterday. It was a total blow out, disaster. God is still on the throne, and is still in control, and I am believing Him for a miracle. Although I may be done playing the game of nicey, nicey, I ultimately know Who holds the answers and am relying on Him to come through--just like He always does.

Also, thanks for praying about my meeting with HR today. My boss, Dr. Lawrence, true to style, conveyed our dismay at their lack of compassion and regard for facts. The 'guilty until proven innocent,' tactic, just doesn't seem to have any place on campus. The HR representative was extremely informative, and although I may not have totally agreed with everything and every policy, I am more than happy to comply. I am very grateful for her time, and she was extremely gracious, giving me pointers on paperwork completion, etc. Whew! I'm not through yet, but I feel I may have dodged this bullet--thanks to my boss. Thank God!

I do need to have Bethany's surgeon complete some paperwork in order for me to retain my employment. I'll drop it off tomorrow at his office, even though he is in Aruba. I guess he needed a vaca after his time with Bethany. hee hee

Well, I came home tonight and went directly to bed, coat and all. I literally collapsed on the bed. Bethany woke me at 9:30 pm so that I could drive Sam back to Main Campus. Joy offered to drive, but I didn't want her to have to go out at night in this foggy weather. Plus, she has been doing homework ALL evening. Working at the bakery, as a main campus tour guide, walking a dog daily, and taking 18 credit hours, is definitely making Joy a busy, busy young woman. Combine all that with having a boyfriend, two (three including Rosie) dogs, household and sibling responsibilities, I just wonder how she does it all.

Well, I've showered and am just enough energized to sit here and ponder why I can't sleep and why life is suddenly dealing our family some blows of late. I will say that the Lord has made His presence known on a daily, albeit hourly, basis to all of us. From friends providing dinners for us, to encouraging mail and FB posts. From texts and visits from friends, to good health. From the dogs finally behaving to having quiet family time together. Yes, life is good! Sad at times, but good!

Believe it or not, I still have some prayer requests:

•My mom was just diagnosed today with some form of leukemia. I'm not exactly sure of the specifics (I'll find out more tomorrow), but I know that prayer is needed for her white blood cell count and for her cough and arthritis.

•Bethany is still having extreme headaches; I really, really want to be there for her, but I have to go to work, and that makes us all very sad. I love, love, love my job, but sometimes the mommy in me overrules. I am so very thankful for my job, and I am so very thankful that Bethany is home at last--never to return.

•Joy is extremely busy with work and school; finances are killing us, and I know that she is totally stressing over them. I pray that the Lord relieve her of the stress of finances and work; that school becomes easier for her so that she doesn't have to spend every waking minute studying, and that she enjoy some family time with her siblings.

•Nik is still sick at home; I pray that he heals and that he is healthy enough to be able to fully participate in tennis season at school. This is his senior and 4th year of tennis, and he sooooo wants to have fun. This year has been miserable for him, and I just pray he starts feeling great.

•My niece, Autumn, is due to have a baby boy. I pray that she and her husband have an easy delivery and that my little great nephew is healthy.

•That everything goes well with Joy's financial aid, with Joy's 2010 dilemma at school, with my 'leave of absence' paperwork, and with all of the work ahead of me at home.

Thank you so much for your continued support. We love you,

Shari, Joy, Bethany and Jonathan
(Koda, Domino, Picasso and Mr. Incredible, too) lol

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